Please ignore the arm next to his butt.  Henry had a great time at the Great Wall–stayed awake and looked around our whole walk out, stayed slumped down in the Baby Bjorn for the entire walk back.  For St Louis faithful, that is indeed a Cardinals hat on his head–my parents are going to submit […]

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The Golden (Hair) Child

 Mar, 23 - 2009   China tripFamilyTravel

I’m used to getting stares when I travel.  There was once the guy in India that came up to me while I was lying at the beach and sat down 2 feet in front of me (facing away from the ocean) for about an hour just to stare.  Then there were the Indian schoolkids that […]

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There are lots of sights to see in China, but for most people, the thing to do in Shanghai is shop and eat.  Behind Hong Kong, it’s always been the most international city in China–lots of expats are based here (ever since the days it was a British trading post.)  Because of this, a pretty […]

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Our friends in Shanghai

 Mar, 12 - 2009   China tripRandomTravel

Are actually American. In fact, I met Mike my very first day of college at Purdue–he sold me a loft the day I moved into our dorm, and I spent a lot of time hanging out in his room down the hall over the course of the year. We shared an apartment with a couple […]

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Welcome to my new blog!

 Mar, 10 - 2009   China tripFamilyMeRandomTravel

Hello everyone! I haven’t written anything for awhile, because I didn’t really think I had anything too exciting to write about.  Since we’re taking our 10 month old on a 2 week trip to China, however, I thought it was a good opportunity to make a few posts. So!  Check back over the next few […]

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