Actual robots!

In 2014, I ran a Kickstarter campaign called One Robot Per Child designed to raise money for an entire class of students at Rauner College Prep to learn about technology and to each create a copy of the special robot I designed.

Here’s a TV interview I did during the campaign:

If you’d like create your own robot like mine, here are a few links:

In addition to instructions on how to create the robot, I also created lecture and worksheet materials that work with the kit materials and teach students about various topics in engineering and robotics. Here are the lessons:

  • Before I ran out of time, I’d planned to make a comic book series of pre-reads prior to each lesson. Here is the intro (and only) comic that talks about modularity and layers of abstraction
  • Lesson 1 is about 3D printing (worksheet)
  • Lesson 2 is about 3D modeling with code using OpenSCAD (worksheet)
  • Lesson 3 is about electricity and prototype electronics (worksheet)
  • Lesson 4 is about motors and gears (worksheet)
  • Lesson 5 is about microprocessors and digital circuits (worksheet)
  • The remaining lessons (6-8) are the robot construction ones linked to above

(I have Word and PowerPoint versions of the above if you have a use for them and would like to modify them.)

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