So when I heard those words as an admonition from the speaker at my conference last week, it finally hit home to me that this new career of mine is maybe a little different than all the other work I’ve been doing the rest of my life.  Certainly, no one has ever used that kind […]

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10 years, 50 countries

 Jun, 05 - 2009   FamilyMeTravel

This past week has marked a couple of pretty big milestones for me, which is nice because they really belong together.  Ten years prior to Wednesday, I met my wife, Karen, at the youth hostel we were both staying at in Dublin, Ireland.  That’s us on that day with my brother Paul (who I was traveling with […]

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Welcome to my new blog!

 Mar, 10 - 2009   China tripFamilyMeRandomTravel

Hello everyone! I haven’t written anything for awhile, because I didn’t really think I had anything too exciting to write about.  Since we’re taking our 10 month old on a 2 week trip to China, however, I thought it was a good opportunity to make a few posts. So!  Check back over the next few […]

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First blog post ever!

 Dec, 21 - 2006   ComputersMeRandom

This is, believe it or not, my first blog post ever.? (I’m pretty sure my mother is really proud of me, although probably not proud enough to leave a comment.) I’m not sure if I’ll end up using this thing very much, but set it up so that I could give updates while Karen and […]

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