The above structure is the actual Temple of Heaven (at the middle of the park where the retirees hang out.)  Henry is comfortably napping in his stroller/car seat/plane seat/high chair.  It’s called a Sit-n-Stroll and if you’re about to do a lot of travel with a baby, I’d highly advise getting one. It has a […]

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As anyone would tell you, you play hacky sack with a shuttlecock. The above picture is from one of my favorite places we visited during our trip.  There is a place in Beijing called “The Temple of Heaven” which consists of the actual temple (where the emperor used to go to once a year to pray […]

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The rematch!

 Apr, 07 - 2009   China tripFamilyRandomTravel

Here is Henry with his little Shanghainese (since moved back to Missouri) friend at a hot pot restaurant in Shanghai.  You’ll note that unlike the previous picture where Henry had a clear advantage in both height and reach, this time the battle is much more even–Henry is strapped in and Carsten’s mom is helping.  No […]

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Giving Grandma a kiss

 Mar, 31 - 2009   China tripFamilyTravel

Happy rainy Tuesday from Chicago!  Did I say before that Henry is a great, good natured child?  I guess that was before we spent the last few nights dealing with his jet lag.  So, let me restate: Usually, he is a very happy and good natured kid.  When he’s low on sleep, however, he becomes […]

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Let me just take this opportunity to say, having my parents come with was one of the best ideas we’ve ever had.  (Don’t tell them I said so.)  Babies are great and I wouldn’t trade being a father for anything, but sometimes they can just be annoyingly needy. Enter my parents–my dad annointed himself Henry’s […]

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Happy Friday to everyone! I’m still a little jetlagged, but thought I’d take a minute to share a couple of pictures from our walk on the Great Wall. Keep checking back every few days–I’ve got so many pictures that I’ll probably post a few every couple of days for the next month or so. 

Go Cardinals!

 Mar, 24 - 2009   BaseballChina trip

In addition to being really fun to travel with, I’m also really proud of my son for knowing which baseball teams to loathe.  Even though he was born in Chicago, Henry knows that the Cubs stink (even though my friend Mike hasn’t figured this out yet.)  This picture was taken in the Shanghai subway. Just […]

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