The above is a quote from CR yesterday. Karen and I are particularly proud of it, because he tends to be fairly picky (and usually not the one you'd ascribe that sentence to) so it seems like our Korean trip has helped push him out of his comfort zone a little. Specifically, it's something he […]

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Korea day 3!

 Mar, 30 - 2015   FamilyKorea tripTravel

Here are some pictures from the past day! A cool stream downtown Shrine selfie (CR helpfully holding the leaflet with location) At the market HT's reaction to the above   Posted with Blogsy

Palaces and mystery food

 Mar, 28 - 2015   FamilyKorea tripTravel

Hi everyone! I'm happy to report that after a major lack of sleep, all of us got at least 9 hours last night and woke up at roughly the right time. That, however, didn't prevent us from having a great first day in Seoul yesterday. Here's what we did. First of all, here's the neighborhood […]

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In Seoul!

 Mar, 27 - 2015   FamilyKorea tripTravel

Just a quick post to say we landed and made it safe to our place. We're staying at AirBNBs almost every night we're here. It's a lot cheaper than hotels, and our 3 bedroom apartment we have for 6 nights here in Seoul is a really nice way to make sure we get some sleep. […]

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When I've talked with people about this trip, one of the single biggest sources of trepidation tends to be the flight. That's true for me too. Who hasn't been on a flight with miserable kids? What parent hasn't had those kids been theirs (at least a few times)? Like I mentioned in my last post, […]

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  Hello everyone! It’s been almost 3 years since I posted anything on this blog, but thought this might be a great time to resurrect it since we’re taking another crazy trip. From my point of view, going to Korea will actually be a little tamer than Spain, Portugal, and Morocco with the older two, […]

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