Welcome to my new blog!

 Mar, 10 - 2009   China tripFamilyMeRandomTravel

Hello everyone!

I haven’t written anything for awhile, because I didn’t really think I had anything too exciting to write about.  Since we’re taking our 10 month old on a 2 week trip to China, however, I thought it was a good opportunity to make a few posts.

So!  Check back over the next few weeks if you’re interested (I’ll try to make it interesting.)  In the mean time, you can check out all of my old travelogues and pictures by going to https://mattniksch.com

Also, if you happen to have an Amazon Kindle or Kindle App on your iPhone, you can buy my book from Amazon for only $0.80!  (You can find the same thing on the website, but don’t you want to help increase my sales rank?)

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