The Best Airport in the World

 Dec, 30 - 2006   Travel

Is of course in Singapore where I am right now.? The entire place is like a really nice business class lounge.? I’m currently using one of the ubiquitous free internet terminals, and about to have breakfast at one of the (reasonably priced) set of restaurants, before possibly shopping for a bit at the only duty […]

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Last day in Melbourne!

 Dec, 29 - 2006   FamilyTravel

Karen and I are off today: catching a flight to Singapore tonight, staying overnight, and then heading on to Tokyo tomorrow (the free trip home is via Singapore, the rest thanks to my consultants’ frequent flyer war chest.) Japan will be fun, because not only do we get to see my brother and his wife, […]

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First blog post ever!

 Dec, 21 - 2006   ComputersMeRandom

This is, believe it or not, my first blog post ever.? (I’m pretty sure my mother is really proud of me, although probably not proud enough to leave a comment.) I’m not sure if I’ll end up using this thing very much, but set it up so that I could give updates while Karen and […]

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