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 Jul, 20 - 2020   FamilyFrom Hostels to Kids on CamelsMeTravel
Available in Paperback and Kindle formats

As with many people, July 2020 isn’t what we expected it to be. As I write this post, Karen, our three boys, and I should have just left London for a trip to Tunisia. From there, we were planning to head to Greece and then travel up through Ukraine to Russia. We’d intended then to catch the Trans Siberian Railroad from Moscow to Mongolia and continue around the world through the summer of 2021. (My brother already made us t-shirts to memorialize the adventure.)

Karen and I love traveling, and we want our boys to love it too. The best way we could think of to instill that love in them was to take this great global homeschooling adventure that we’ve been planning for over a decade. We can’t go anywhere now due to COVID-19 but are keeping our fingers crossed for next summer.

In the meantime, I wrote a book. I didn’t write all of it recently. About 70% of it is travel writing I’ve shared with friends and family since 2002. I have been consolidating those writings and composing new material to fill the gaps off-and-on for the last couple of years.

The plan was to publish this book right before our trip and then follow it up with another we’d write together. For now, it will have to stand alone and be a reminder of better times to come.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the book in Paperback or Kindle format at Amazon. Here is the description I have at their site:

How do you pass on a love of travel to your children? This book is one person’s answer. Matt Niksch believes that the things he’s learned while traveling have made him a better person. He wrote this book so that his sons could gain a small window into why.

“From Hostels to Kids on Camels” covers over two decades of travel across forty-four countries and six continents. It begins with a travel love story that continues to the birth of Matt and his wife’s three children.

Illustrated with over 300 pictures, you’ll see everything from the hectic streets of India to the dunes of Namibia. All readers will enjoy the chance to visit so many places with the insights of an experienced guide.

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