Giving Grandma a kiss

 Mar, 31 - 2009   China tripFamilyTravel

Grandma kiss

Happy rainy Tuesday from Chicago!  Did I say before that Henry is a great, good natured child?  I guess that was before we spent the last few nights dealing with his jet lag.  So, let me restate:

Usually, he is a very happy and good natured kid.  When he’s low on sleep, however, he becomes a totally manic spazz who quickly shifts from goofy cackles (he’s only ticklish when tired) to desparate whining.  Kind of like the Incredible Hulk, but without splitting his pants.  Along with goofy cackles, he is also fond of weaving his head quickly from left to right (the Stevie Wonder.) The picture taken above is right after he tries to eat my mom’s face while doing the Stevie Wonder.

To commemorate the fact that he’s finally starting to sleep better, I’m posting a video of the end of his grandma kissing (at the Forbidden City in Beijing.)  Hope you enjoy:

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