We love our Sit-n-Stroll!

 Apr, 07 - 2009   China tripFamilyTechnologyTravel

Our family in front of the Temple of Heaven

The above structure is the actual Temple of Heaven (at the middle of the park where the retirees hang out.)  Henry is comfortably napping in his stroller/car seat/plane seat/high chair.  It’s called a Sit-n-Stroll and if you’re about to do a lot of travel with a baby, I’d highly advise getting one.

It has a lever at the back that you pull on to retract the wheels into the body to convert into a stationary (car/whatever) seat, that’s really easy to use.  At one point, Karen and I did an inventory and Henry by himself required more luggage than the two of us put together.  It would have been a lot worse had we not had this handy gadget eliminating the need for a separate stroller.

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