A lazy blog post for a lazy couple of days in Busan

 Apr, 07 - 2015   FamilyKorea tripTravel

Hi everyone,

We're getting ready to leave Busan after a couple of days here. It's known as the Korean beach town, with temperatures a good deal warmer than Seoul, so it was a bit of a let down to find it rainy and colder than any other place we've been to. We'd planned for this to be a laid back couple of days, but it ended up being more indoors than we expected.

Keeping in the spirit of lazy days, this will be a lazy blog post–just a bunch of pictures with a few captions.

Blending in

Check out the lady looking at HT. The subway here was full of Korean grandmas that led to check out our kids. They were also obsessed with the fact that JR's and CR's pants legs were riding up in their carriers, scolding me and Karen for letting our kids get cold

Rainy day shopping at the market

We didn't buy any of that

More playgrounds (for some reason not in our Lonely Planet guidebook, but a huge hit for two of our party)

HT says this is the first time he's ever successfully done the monkey bars, so that's a cool Korean memory

CR wanted everyone to see the wall he built

Our one visit here that was actually in the guidebook. The kids got to make prints of some traditional Korean designs

CR. Still working on his smiling skills.

More BBQ! CR decided he likes to eat raw onions. Given that he's our picky eater, we're pretty proud of him

A lot of time playing LeapPad while Karen did laundry. (JR is usually not allowed, but this was a cute picture.)

Why yes, that does say donkey fried chicken

I've eaten McDonalds in over 25 countries. South Korea is now added to that list!


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