Malayasia: Like India, but nicer!

 Jan, 12 - 2007   Travel

At least that was the slogan that Karen came up for it during our 2.5 day visit to the island of Penang.? We had a good time there.? Penang actually shares a lot of similarities with Singapore–it was founded as a British trading colony and is very multicultural (about 50% Chinese, 30% Indian, 20% Malay.)? It was a relaxing time, mostly spent with leisurely strolls around the old colonial city, although the final day included a fun island tour with a local guide.

Karen’s slogan hints at a list we’ve been developing during this trip: the “You might be a (crappy) country if…” list, which indicates key things to look out for to determine whether or not your country is really backwards.? Basically Malaysia (the part we went to at least) has fewer things in common with the list.

But India has special delights all its own.? With visas now in hand, we’re heading there tomorrow–hopefully with exciting stories soon to tell!

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